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Colombia’s textile industry

Colombia is recognized internationally as a country which possesses great strengths in the textile and apparel businesses and, specifically, in the fashion business.  The different international fairs are a clear example of the strengths of the textile-apparel business, as well as of the huge efforts being made to modernize the industry and respond to the […]
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Currency Demonetization Impact on Textile Sector

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) verdict of scrapping high value currency notes i.e. INR500 and INR1000 has received the mixed responses. Major impact has been seen on unorganized textile sector rather than organized textile sector. The decision is a setback for unorganized textile sector as it is dependent on domestic market for revenue generation. Demonetization […]
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Innovative 8 Finned – Hollow Multilayered Fiber by Teijin

Unique Features: Named as Octa™ neomultilayer fiber Unique cross section comprising eight projections, or fins, aligned in a radial pattern around a tube-like fiber. It is a sheath-core fiber that uses Octa filament as its core material and combines the low weight, high bulkiness, water absorption and water diffusion, with the texture and softness of […]