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Fiber Updates

1) PSF producers in few markets of China raised offers. PTA futures market was adjusted in a small range, and the overall polyester market was under strong correction as a result there was increase in PSF offers by around 50-100 Yuan/ton.  2) VSF prices remained firm. VSF producers
Daily Price Trend

Fancy Yarn Innovation

Fancy yarns have been essential components of modern fashion and have been gaining more reputation in the clothing sector, especially denim, and in furnishing and draperies. Demand for intricate fabrics with distinguishing characteristics is growing, winning larger shares of the textile market. Marzoli has been the 1st manufacturer to introduce a fully integrated fancy
Daily Price Trend

Garment Updates

Bangladesh produced cotton meets only 2-3 per cent of the domestic garment industry’s demand. Bangladesh produced 0.16 million bale fiber cotton in 2016-17 fiscal. To meet the growing demand of the garment industry, government has to spend around $4.5 billion a year to import cotton. India’s garment exports are expected to register a 15-18 per […]